Maximum visibility: OP Wiper Blade precision for safe driving

Maximum visibility: OP Wiper Blade precision for safe driving

The OP Wiper Blades are made of high quality materials and cutting-edge production technologies, which ensure effective cleaning of the windshield without leaving streaks or scratches, as the original equipment.
Thanks to uniform pressure on the glass, the brush blades adhere perfectly to the surface, efficiently eliminating water, snow, ice and dirt.


OpenParts offers a full range of wiper blades, including the reliable Conventional Plus OP, with electrostatic powder coating, anti-rust and stainless steel coating that provide greater grip and refills; the versatile Flat Extraslim Evolution that, with 11 reversible adapters, the reinforced natural rubber refill, the aerodynamic side spoiler and the teflon finish are perfectly suited to the different types of windscreens; the innovative Hybrid that with graphite treatment, the aerodynamic profile and the hook hook-on guarantee a product of superior quality; the impeccable Twin Perfect Fit that perfectly fit the windscreen, and guarantee a lubricating and water repellent effect thanks to the treatment Graphite + Teflon;  the effective Rear Plus that thanks to teflon treatment ensure optimal cleaning of the rear window.


Explore the full range of OpenParts wiper blades and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Invest in quality and road safety with OP Wiper Blades .


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