OP Shock Absorbers: a perfect driving comfort

OP Shock Absorbers: a perfect driving comfort

Their purpose is to damp the oscillation by slowing down the movement of the suspension (coil springs) so as to ensure good grip, safety and driving comfort in all road conditions.

There are many types of Shock Absorber, in most of the cases they are made of a cylinder fulfilled with oil, in which a piston flows into. When a strain on the road surface makes the tyres goes up or down, the piston inside the cylinder, thanks to the oil inside, goes against resistance in order to damp and slow down the compression and the extension of the coil springs. In this way the strains between the pneumatic and the auto’s body became softer.
Driving will be more comfortable and safer granted the fixed contact between tyres and road.


If a Shock Absorber wouldn’t have a damping force, driving will be not so comfortable and could have negative effects about safety. As expected, vehicles with broken or dead Shock Absorber increase the risks of car accidents. Moreover, they could compromise vehicle’s stability and driving safety.
One of the more evident signs about a broken Shock Absorber is the irregular wear of the tyres. With a wrecked suspension component braking distances increase, so as driving safety.
It’s not so simple to notice the Shock Absorbers wear. The deterioration of the components could bring the driver to indulge the vehicle’s irregular behaviour, so that she/he get used to the bad damping of the suspension’s system.

It is important to check each component of the suspension system in order to not put yourself in dangerous situations.

OP suggests an annual or 20,000 km check on the suspension system components, as well as a complete replacement after 80,000 km.



The complete maintenance

The suspension system plays a fundamental role for safe driving therefore, in order to keep this characteristic unchanged, OP suggests the complete maintenance of Shock Absorber, as a replaced in pairs per axle.
Replacement in pairs is further recommended in situations where the new shock absorbers replace the existing ones belonging to the Original brand (OE) or to another After Market (AM) brand.


OP Shock Absorbers for effective suspension system

Designed and manufactured with accurate processes to improve safety and road holding as well as driving comfort.


Materials and high-level manufacturing processes:

- "Bitube" shock absorber body with lapping process on the internal tube surface;
- Rod piston and valves group in steel with machine grinding and chrome plating;
- Double-stage valves with calibration up to 1/100 mm;
- Oil seal rod in NBR nitrile synthetic rubber to ensure high wear resistance;
- SV-3 Oil with low emulsion level


In addition to Oil Shock Absorbers, OP offers a wide range of Gas Shock Absorber, recommended for the newest vehicles or sport cars.
Compared to traditional Shock Absorbers, in which the strength is made by the oil, in Gas Shock Absorber the presence of the nitrogen has a positive effect to damp the oscillation and makes the shock absorber more fluid.


For perfect and safe driving comfort, choose OP quality, components with certified performance equivalent to the originals.



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