Be prepared for Winter Driving

Be prepared for Winter Driving

Winter makes road conditions more difficult and compromises driving performance.
Here are some tips on how to deal with the cold season in total driving safety.


  • Make sure that the cooling circuit fluid is assembled of a least 50% antifreeze fluid which can go up to 100% when temperatures became extremely cold.
    XZERO OP is a high-performance antifreeze liquid, available in 1/5L formats, which preserves the state of the liquid by avoiding engine's overheating and breakage, protecting it from rust and corrosion.


  • Check your wiper blades' wear condition. Whether it is rain, sleet or even snow the rubber could get damage compromising the visible during the driving or cause scratches on the windshield.
    The OP blade range, front and back, is suitable for 99% of car applications whether they are U type or of new generation fitting.


  •  Check the health of the starter batteries. At low temperatures, the battery power tends to drop, meaning it takes more energy to start your car!
    OP starter batteries guarantee cold starts and gives greater power and reliability in extreme weather conditions.



Having your car serviced regularly will increase driving safety as well as the life of your vehicle.




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