Engine oil change: find your specification

Engine oil change: find your specification

Speaking of engine oils, it is common to hear about SAE, API, ACEA standards, or other specs as additives and oil bases. All these terms can be easily found on the oil labels and they can give us the information to help us choose the most suitable lubricant for our vehicle. Generally, engine oils are defined by three criteria: oil base, performance, and viscosity index.

Close_up_0w20.pngThese three features are established by different international organizations:

SAE: (Society of Automotive Engineers) defines viscosity grades for vehicles lubricants. The viscosity index measures the oil’s resistance to flow according to the temperature.

API / ACEA: Societies defining oil performance standards set by type and engine generation, for US (API) and EU (ACEA).

Finally, the base - lubricant's main component – can be mineral, semi-synthetic or synthetic, according to the engine generation. Traditional engines use almost mineral bases, while the latest engine technologies use semi-synthetic or fully synthetic ones. Always check your vehicle manual to select the spec for your engine.

OP XK1 lubricants line provides a complete range of engine oils including specifications for petrol, diesel, and new generation engines, in compliance with the international standards and manufacturers’ requirements.


Soon available also two new synthetic specs, 5w20 and 0w20, particularly suitable for the latest engine technologies thanks to the low viscosity index and ensuring:

  • high engine lubrication
  • high-performance cool starts
  • fuel economy -> reduced fuel consumption
  •  engine wear protection -> thanks to antirust and antioxidant additives

Check the OP catalog and the technical info area to get deep into the OP XK1 lubricants range.





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