OP Engine Filters: high protection, maximum power

OP Engine Filters: high protection, maximum power

OP engine filters, designed and manufactured with high-quality materials and advanced production techniques, guarantee efficient filtration of air, fuel, and oil, protecting the engine from harmful agents and preserving the quality of the fluids.

OP air filters are designed to filter impurities present in the air that enters the engine, maintaining the correct airflow inside the engine and avoiding damage to the system. Thanks to their high filtering capacity, up to 99% of mineral dust, soot, and organic residues are retained, preventing impurities from causing damage to the engine.

OP oil filters are made of a denser filtering element than air filters, in order to capture the smallest dirt particles present in the engine oil. Most OP oil filters are equipped with all the necessary safety valves to ensure the correct functioning of the engine. In addition, oil filters can be screw-in or cartridge-type to facilitate replacement.

Fuel filters protect the engine's fuel supply circuit from premature wear. Thanks to filtering materials based on cellulose and synthetic fibers, OP fuel filters counteract the chemical agents of fuel and retain dust, rust, and water. They guarantee maximum engine efficiency and prevent damage to fuel system components.

The quality of the components and advanced production techniques are fundamental aspects for OP engine filters to ensure long life and durability.
The filters are made of high-quality filtering paper, treated with protective phenolic epoxy or acrylic resins against deterioration, temperatures, and chemical agents.

Ecology is an important aspect in the production of OP engine filters. To limit the ecological impact and facilitate the disposal of components, the OP range includes oil and fuel filters with cartridges free of heavy metals.

In conclusion, engine filters are crucial components for the proper functioning of the car's engine. It is important to perform regular maintenance on the car and pay attention to any signs of problems with the filters. In this way, a high level of protection and maximum engine power will be guaranteed.






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