The car service is a periodic check-up that serves to verify the condition of various components of the vehicle that are more prone to wear and, if necessary, proceed with their replacement.
Unlike the vehicle inspection, the car service is not legally mandatory but is highly recommended in order to keep the vehicle in perfect condition and not compromise driving safety.


How often should the car service be carried out?
The car service schedule is determined by the manufacturer and is based on the time elapsed since the purchase and/or the kilometers traveled by the vehicle. Generally, the first service should be performed approximately 6 months or after 10,000/15,000 km from the vehicle's purchase. Subsequent services are recommended at intervals of 1 year or 20,000 km.


What does a car service involve?
During a car service, the perfect functionality of all those components that are subjected to greater stress and therefore more subject to wear are verified.

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One of the first checks concerns the engine oil, which has a protective function for all moving parts of the engine.
OP lubricants, available in 4 formats, undergo rigorous tests based on in-depth research on raw materials and the use of sophisticated additives to make them efficient and high-performing.

The range OP engine oil is specially designed to ensure maximum protection, even for the most modern engines, offering high performance.
OP lubricants meet international standards and specifications issued by manufacturers for vehicles powered by gasoline, diesel, LPG, or natural gas.



Closely related to the lubricant is the replacement of the oil filter, air filter, and cabin filter.




OP engine filters, designed and manufactured with high-quality materials and advanced production techniques, ensure efficient filtration of air, fuel, and oil, protecting the engine from harmful agents and preserving fluid quality.

OP air filters, with their high filtration capacity of up to 99%, trap mineral dust, soot, and organic residues, preventing impurities from causing damage to the engine. OP oil filters are equipped with all the necessary safety valves to ensure the correct functioning of the engine and can be screw-on or cartridge-type for easy replacement. OP fuel filters, with filtering materials based on cellulose and synthetic fibers, counteract fuel chemicals and retain dust, rust, and water, ensuring maximum engine efficiency.
OP cabin filters are characterized by numerous folds that create an impenetrable barrier to the smallest particles. They are available in standard version and activated carbon versions capable of trapping particles from 3/5 μm and other pollutants, harmful gases, and unpleasant odors.



Other interventions aimed at checking component wear include checking the condition of tires, transmission, distribution, verifying the state of shock absorbers and suspensions, and the braking system. In gasoline engines, the condition of spark plugs is checked, while in diesel engines, the EGR valve or DPF is inspected.

Discover the entire range of OP products for routine and extraordinary maintenance of your vehicle.







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