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Engine Oil 15W-40, 10W-40, 5W-40, 0W-30, 5W-30

Are you looking for reliable and high quality automotive lubricants?

The range of OP engine lubricants has been designed to offer maximum engine protection and improve vehicle performance.


Choose among our OP engine oils, all strictly tested through accurate searches of raw materials and sophisticated additives to make them efficient and performing. Products corresponding to international standards and specifications emitted by the cars for cars raised by petrol, LPG or methane diesel.


Engine oil

The latest generation multigrade lubricating oil specially formulated for high-performance multi-valve petrol engines and diesel engines.

Exceeds the most important specifications of car manufacturers.
The accurate balance of the base and the careful selection of additives ensure:

  • Maximum engine protection

  • Optimum lubrication in all operating conditions

  • Reduced evaporation resulting in lower oil consumption

Very high-quality level in line with the latest international standards and with the specifications of European car manufacturers powered by petrol or diesel.
The reduced content of sulfur, phosphorus and derivatives (SAPS) makes it ideal for the use of cars of more recent conception, mounting devices for the treatment of fumes such as particulate filters (FAP or DPF).



4 versions available: 1L bottle, 20L and 5L tank, 205L Drum.



Fully synthetic engine oil

Fully synthetic oil

A semi-synthetic oil.

Mineral Lubricant

Latest generation semi-synthetic lubricant

Fully synthetic oil

Fully synthetic oil

Fully synthetic oil

Fully synthetic oil

Fully synthetic oil

Fully synthetic oil



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