Exhaust Gas Recirculation

Exhaust Gas Recirculation: EGR Valve

With the European directive on emissions reduction, the EGR valve has become increasingly widespread, an essential component present in almost all modern diesel engines and in some gasoline engines which, through the recirculation of exhaust gases, helps reduce the harmful emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) into the atmosphere



EGR System: How it Works

EGR valves and modules reintroduce a controlled amount of exhaust gas (up to around 15%) into the engine's air intake duct, thereby reducing the combustion temperature and the production of NOx. This has a positive effect on air quality and pollution reduction. Thanks to the premium quality of OP's EGR valve, optimal engine efficiency, reduced pollutant emissions and increased component lifespan can be achieved.



EGR Valve: A Legal Obligation

If not cleaned, the EGR valve may reduce its proper functioning, leading to a lower mobility of the solenoid valve, valve cap, or even a complete blockage, with negative consequences for the engine's lifespan. Malfunctioning of the dirty EGR valve is generally signaled by the yellow engine malfunction light turning on. These issues can be resolved through cleaning with specific products or, if not sufficient, by replacement. Removing the EGR valve is illegal and can result in serious sanctions, ranging from administrative fines to driving license revocation, as well as criminal charges for environmental crimes.

Exhaust gas recirculation



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