Comfort and stability in every conditions.


 OP Coil springs play a key role in car suspension system since: they balance the car by sustaining the weight and absorbing road vibrations and they ensure a longer life to shock absorbers and the whole suspensions system, keeping the right contact between tyres and road.

Features and checks held on the product complies with the OE standards:

  • Raw materials and processes can be tracked and are certified in each step of production;
  • 55CrSi Harmonic Steel and the diameter of the spring wire match with the OE standards;
  • Hot coiling technology; Powder ink spraying and high temperature solidification thickness;
  • Thickness and coating tests + salt spray test to check corrosion resistance of the spring.

  • Manganese Silicon Steel
  • Heat treatment 405° C
  • 400.000 guaranteed load cycles
  • Tests held on 100% of spring produced


  • Linear: with constant flexibility.

  • Progressive: spring flexibility increases with compression.

  • Side Load: their curved shape reduced the friction between shock absorbers piston rod and seal, increasing the life of shock absorbers

  • Mini-block (taper wire): this model with barrel shape is extremely flexible, allowing a higher driving comfort. This sping is typical in cars models such as Audi A3/A6, BMW 3, VW Golf, and Passat.


Always replace coil springs and shock absorbers in pairs.

Coil springs are stressed as much as shock absorbers. Wear and corrosions over time cause a progressive loss of the spring torsional property. 

Therefore it is important to replace springs and shock absorbers at the same time, always by the same axle in order to restore the optimal state of the suspension and balance the vehicle.



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