NEW IN RANGE: Electric Water Pumps

NEW IN RANGE: Electric Water Pumps

The Electric Water Pumps are able to deliver a constant flow of coolant autonomously without affecting the efficiency of the endothermic engine. 
This cooling system responds to the actual needs of the engine, automatic transmission and/or batteries for hybrid and electric drive, contributing to the reduction of consumption

OP Electric Water Pumps have obtained the degree of protection IP68 for permanent immersion in water, thus confirming the high quality of these products. High waterproofness and protection against permanent immersion and total sealing against dust and sand. High-quality electronic components, NBR gaskets and the internal sealing of the electric motor ensure maximum durability. Electrical parts and their assembly are 100% tested to ensure the durability and strength of the components. 

Like all OP spare parts, tests and checks are carried out on Electric Pumps. 

An extreme test of durability at 120 degrees for 200 hours to ensure the integrity of the components and the absence of wear losses.
OP electric water pumps are highly reliable and durable devices, designed to ensure optimal operation in any environment and condition.

In addition, the packaging of OP electric pumps includes, where provided, either the electrical wiring or the support bracket for easy installation, as from first installation.


Now available!
Visit the OP catalog for detailed information on OP Electric Water Pumps and the technical info page for specific documentation.



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