Timing Belt: It’s high time

Timing Belt: It’s high time

Without a fully functioning timing belt, the car’s engine won’t be able to run properly, even though in most cases there aren’t apparent indication that the timing belt is wearing out.
The deterioration of the timing belt could compromise not only the proper operating but also its brake down.
For this reason, it’s important the replacement of the Timing Belt on a regular basis.

The complete replacement of timing components, including water pump, is always preferable to single part substitution as one damaged element can compromise the whole system.
Timing care with Timing + Water pump Kit allows reducing maintenance time and costs

When it comes to timing belts “don't let the grass grow under your feet “until it's too late, prevention is your best bet.


The advantages of a complete replacement with the OP Distribution Kit:

- Avoid mistakes in the components’ choice: the kit includes belt and tensioners suitable for the vehicle you are looking for, with the selection and quality of OP spare parts;

- Save money compared to buying single components;

- Get better results: Perform comprehensive and longer-lasting maintenance across your distribution.



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