Car Timing Kit: chains and belts

High quality Automotive Power Distribution kit for car The timing system set up to control the gases entering and leaving the cylinders which works coupled to the fuel system and controls it according to the vehicle's drive requirements. There are various methods of transmitting motion from the crankshaft to the camshafts; those used in motor vehicle engines mainly use the Timing Chain or the Toothed Belt.

With the spare parts BELT KIT and CHAIN KIT, OP offers vehicle repairers the certainty of using safe spare parts with a 2-year guarantee for interventions on the distribution system. The timing belt and chain kits are made with high quality components, respecting the same high quality and performance standards as the original OES spare parts.

If you are looking for high quality components for the car distribution system, you are in the right place. OpenParts offers a wide range of products for the distribution system, including belts, pulleys, tenicings and chains, made with high quality materials to ensure maximum reliability and durability.

We're specialized in high-quality cars components, and our range of distribution system products has been selected specifically to meet the needs of the owners of workshops and dealers of car parts We are always ready to offer assistance and support to help you find the right component for your car, become a retailer and discover the advantages dedicated to you!

The OP Timing Chain Kit is made with high-strength steels resistant to stress and wear. Each chain is subjected to severe disruption in laboratory tests. As per first plant specifications, each application requires a different type of chain: simplex standard, duplex standard, silent simplex. Other components of the OP Timing Chain Kit: Tensioner, Gears, Chain Guide, Seal. OP offers a Standard Timing Chain Kit and Timing Chain Kit + Oil Pump Chain Kit. Standard Timing Chain Kit: KIT required by most of the engines where the timing chain connects the drive shaft connection (to which the pistons are connected) to the camshaft. Timing Chain Kit + Oil Pump Chain Kit: KIT expected in some engines where, besides the normal operation of the chain kit, the oil pump is operated by the crankshaft through a chain. To check the kit quality, they are carried out a series of controls: dimensional inspection, structural controls and functionate control.

- The OP Timing Belt transmits the motion of the crankshaft to the camshaft, allowing the synchrony between the phases of the pistons and the valve stages (intake and exhaust). Each timing belt is made from a rubber composition and highly resistant and flexible materials (fiberglass, Kevlar, etc ...). The belt is composed of curvilinear teeth compatible with the teeth of the camshaft gears and connected by a continuous band forming a closed ring. The curvilinear teeth allow an optimal and uniform loading force distribution, ensuring a stable transmission, fast and precise; that is why it is also called "synchronous belt". The belts used in the Open Parts Timing belt Kit are branded DAYCO ensuring the parameters established by the manufacturer: noise reduction, high abrasion resistance, duration / distance as required by the first plant, correct components coupling with tight dimensional tolerances, limited deformability when the belt is operating. As planned from the first plant, OP also provides 3 types of belt: Standard (chloroprene rubber), Reinforced (polychloroprene or HSN characterized by a good resistance to high temperatures up to 130°C) and Reinforced Teflon (made with advanced materials and a special film of PTFE (Teflon) highly resistant to abrasion and to aging). Open Parts uses FIXED IDLER for their widespread use. The roller inside the belt tensioner is rotated through the fastening hole until it reaches the previously established tension in each plant and it is subsequently fixed. The final tension remains constant in time.

The range of spare parts for OP car timing kit is constantly updated, covering around 90% of the European car fleet and including all vehicle generations. Among the most popular applications are Peugeot 208, Volkswagen Golf, Dacia Sandero, Renault Clio, Toyota Yaris, Fiat 500, Citroen C3, Hyundai Tucson, Toyota Corolla, Mercedes A-Class, BMW Series and others.

We specialize in high quality automotive parts, and our range of timing system products have been specially selected to meet the needs of garage owners and auto parts dealers. We are always ready to offer assistance and support to help you find the right component for your car. Become a dealer and discover the advantages dedicated to you!



Genuine Parts performance.

Super Kit 3 in 1 with water pump, for the complete maintenance of the timing system 

Chain kit including tensioners, sprockets, guides and seals.



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