XZERO OP: Concentrated Antifreeze power

XZERO OP: Concentrated Antifreeze power

To keep the vehicle performing strong and safe on the road, give it a boost of protection with the antifreeze fluid.

XZERO OP antifreezes are tested and certified multi-seasonal products, able to protect against freezing and overheating while preserving the mechanical parts from corrosion.

Compared to many available pre-diluted antifreeze, XZEROs OP, thanks to their high concentration and easy dilution. ensures that the correct solution is obtained in relation to the needs of the surrounding environment, guaranteeing to maintain their effectiveness for many cycles, without the need for replacement, preserving the specific properties and also protecting the engine parts from rust and corrosion.

The concentration of the antifreeze liquid also allows a smaller footprint for the same active substances, this means less plastic for a more environmentally friendly solution.

Available in the Universal type, blue antifreeze liquid designed for traditional engines, and in the red version, G12, for new generation engines. Available in 1/5L.


XZERO – A special antifreeze and concentrated coolant, for all cooling circuit.


For certified quality and uncompromising performance, choose OP spare parts.



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